Product and Services

Product and Services

Van Linings

Internal Van Linings aren’t fitted as standard by the vehicle manufacturers because a van can have so many different uses.  Therefore, the internal linings are left for the end user customers to decide on how they want the van fitted out and with what products such as wall and floor linings, internal racking, strapping, ladder and pipe carriers.

Roof Bars & Racking Systems

95% of the Roof Bar & Racking Systems we supply and fit are Rhino product.  Rhino products are extremely good value for money, easy to fit and really great quality.  All Roof Bars & Racking Systems are produced with the end user in mind, to make putting things on vehicle roofs as safe as possible in the quickest amount of time.

Beacons & Lightbars

All Beacons & Lightbars we advertise are R65 compliant as standard. Upon request, we do supply and fit standard Zenon & LED Beacon & Lightbars as well as other compliant products such as CAP168 for Airports.

Auxiliary Electrical Products

There are so many different products that can now be used in vans for all sorts of different reasons, we are initially concentrating on the common requests, covering Reversing Cameras, Dash Cams, Reverse Alarms to name but a few.  However, this section like the others will grow in size over the coming months.

Internal Racking & Shelving

For our initial launch we are just offering the basic ply shelving but we do have 2 other custom build internal racking and shelving offerings waiting in the wings.


Slam Locks & Dead Locks are still common products bought and fitted to vans regardless of how secure the vehicle manufacturers make the vans.  The basic difference between a Dead Lock and a Slam Lock are, the Dead Lock acts like a mortice lock where you need a key to lock and unlock, whereas the Slam Lock Locks when shut and you need a key to unlock.

Tow Bars 7pin & 13pin

We are currently fitting Tow Bars to 45% of our customers’ vehicles, the most common now being with 7Pin dedicated electrics and a Jaw & Pin Hitch.

Tow Steps

These are still growing in popularity and provide an efficient way to gain access to the rear of the van safely as well as still being able to Tow plant or trailers.